Monday, October 22, 2007

Life in a summary

Raya is so over.

Medicine posting is ancient.

Surgery is the way to go now. And 6 weeks in HKL brings a whole lot of meaning now. Chaiyok2 for surgery!!

Kinda sad of leaving Hospital Kajang. (no more meeting Dr Meor yang comel tapi blur T_T.. hehe)

Now staying at home with occasional sleepovers in K17.

My JPA fund is running out.

I want the W580i or W600i sony ericson handphone.

I hate dialups.

Hope I will get the streamyx connection ASAP at home AND in college.

Realized that I need to spend more time studying and less time blogging.

Need to lose weight.

Love my new hair.

Need money.

Want to sleep all day long and laze around at home everyday.

Want to meet and date Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. :D

Hope to meet the person that can put a smile on my face all day, soon??

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