Saturday, December 15, 2007


1. My close friends said that i'm pretty irritable. I curse more. And I definitely am super sarcastic. Maybe it's because of the professional exam that is coming up. Maybe because of the fact that I'm still single for almost a year now. Maybe because my JPA fund is running out and I can't go shopping despite the year end sale going on now. Maybe because I need to install all sorts of programmes to use my handphone and printer that was previously in my newly reformatted laptop, but I can't seem to find the installation cds. Maybe because my clothes suddenly feel a bit tight. Damn.

2. My love to drive around in my car is increased. Driving helps me think. Especially long drives, for example to and fro from my house to my college in Serdang. Around 30 minutes. 20 minutes if i speed. But I hate it if I'm stuck in a jam. So I'd rather stay put at a place, and wait till the peak hours of super jam is done, than I'd make my way to the car for my ultimate driving experience. Most of the times while driving I think about what I'm going to do when I reach my destination. Sometimes I think about the events that happened recently, about people I've talked to, patients I've met.. basicly those who walked in and out of my life. Once in a while I'll be thinking about having someone to drive me to and fro. Especially at times when I'm stuck in a massive traffic jam.

3. I like to watch people. How they act. What they wear especially. I'm not a fashionista. But I'm not wearing scraps from the rubbish dump either. Sometimes, I get to see a guy who dresses nicely, and actually looks good. Happened to me when I'm out for dinner in Alamanda last week. That dude's clothes seriously screams metrosexual, but he has short David Beckham hairstyle going on. Then he smiled. That's when I actually started to pay attention. He was promoting some sort of hot patch for women having period pain. I wasn't paying attention to what he said. Looking at my blur face after his so-called lengthy explanation, he said "Tak berminat ye?" I actually answered "Nice shirt" instead. He smiled. Then I walked on. He's hot la wei. Sapa kata good things in life aren't free? Cuci mata free what :P

4. I miss writing poems. Or short stories. Or poems telling bout short stories. I just seem to be so out of ideas nowadays. And I can't explain myself like I used to. I think my level of writing and talking english have deteriorated miserably. I'm not creative enough. Have all my creative brain cells gone out the window once all we medical students do are read?
I miss reading as well. Not that I'm not reading nowadays, I'm reading medical books, not fictional books like Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, Amy Tan and so on and so forth like before.

5. I need money. For food. For petrol. For top-up credit. For shopping. I need money. They say love makes the world go around. In the era of global modernization, money makes the world go round. Dollar is king. (Anyone who saw 'Spinning Gasing' would have remembered that quote)

6. I have urges to study non stop. Then I feel really sleepy. Then I would dream I was studying. Pretty scary. Once I dreamt that I have a black stethescope. Not that having that colour of stethescope is wrong. Just that I am using a pink stethescope. Where the hell do i get a black stethescope in my dream?

7. I found back Dr. Amir. Whom I've met before during my research days. He's still hot. And tall. And hunky. And still doesn't realise I'm alive. *sigh* I don't even know which ward he is working in. But he's in Hospital Kuala Lumpur for sure. I think there most be like a gazzilion of doctors with the name of Amir in HKL. Well.. even if it's not a gazzilion, it'll definitely be more than one right? At least I get to see him in the cafe once in a while during breakfast. This sounds way stalker-ish la. I need to get a bf. ;p


nurul said...
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nurul said...

d creative ideas - they are still there
u juz to need to:
a) search for it
b) get a break

if u cant afford both- it's okay. d ideas are still there. i know. u juz need sum tym to rewind :)

i'll learn how to drive. so i can drive u around instead. haha. then u should start praying for ur life.

bdw we can always go n cuci mata when i get back home :P