Saturday, December 15, 2007


I just feel like crying. And no amount of words of support from my friends can stop me from feeling this way. I hate feeling vulnerable. Just expressing this out in this blog makes me feel crappy. Like I'm a shithead. Like I'm just one of the many girls in KL, with no other significant specialty or talent, blending in the crowd, just like a wallpaper. At times, I just feel like there's nothing to look forward to in life.


hani said...

juz remember one thing..ur future needs u more than ur past..

n being u, me..n evryone else,it's fine for not being fine/alright/ok..sumtyms

a friend once told me : juz think of the best thoughts and happy momments u've had..count ur blessings..

stratorcastor said...
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stratorcastor said...

Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land! trust me...;)

nurul said...

ps: jom join mercy malaysia :P

ayu said...

i feel you, farah. but worry not! just think of the good, goooooooood times you've had. and the good times ahead too.

say...singapore trip in february????hehe :D

cheer up babe. tak mau la sedih2.

niss si gadis salsa. said...

im feeling u girl.
btw, YM pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!~~

add me, nisa_martinez.

looking forward to meet u on ym.