Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kelisa syndrome plus other stuff

I have always wanted a Kelisa. (nampak cam a tiny Mini Cooper don't you think?) Eversince I was in Form 5, even before I got my driving license. I wanted a ruby red Kelisa, but since my dad offered me his old Honda, I'm accepting with open hands. I mean, beggars can't choose right? At least I have a ride for me to move anywhere.

Check out the frontview of this Kelisa

A ruby red kelisa on the road

But, today I am so cursing people who have the Kelisa syndrome. I call it the Kelisa syndrome as I realize that people who drive these smaller cars seem to think that their cars can fit anywhere, and not affect any other cars. Seriously, ingat Kelisa tu kecik sangat ke? Parking tah ke mana mana tah.. Nanti kena langgar kelisa tu baru tau.

I went for lunch with my friend today, I picked her up from her office (she's a student but currently doing her industrial training in a company somewhere in Ampang) to go for lunch. As her lunch break is only 1 hour, we ate somewhere near her workplace, but of
course, looking for the place to park is a hassle.

So as you can see, the parking space available was between a car and a bike, and since I could get through and there was no other space available, I decided to park there, knowing that I might have problems to drive out later.

But after lunch, this is what happened.

A freaking ruby red kelisa was parking behind my car, with less than half a metre space nak kuar. What the f-? How the heck am I supposed to reverse and drive off to happy ever after land (or wherever I wanted to go?) Typical of those Kelisa drivers. Ingat kereta kecik sikit terus boleh park mana-mana. So I had to go through 10minutes (or more) of hell, trying to get my car out of the minute, tiny space between the Kelisa and me.

Just want other Kelisa drivers to know, or other drivers who have Kelisa syndrome, please park at the appropriate place, and don't block other people's parking or don't double park! Freaks. (p/s : Kelisa drivers out there don't take it personally, not all of you drive/park that way, but most of you do. I know because my brother drives a Kelisa, and a couple of coursemates of mine do too, and all of them are like that ;p)


On another note, tomorrow will be the finals for Amazing Race Asia Season 2. I can't wait to see which team wins the 1 million dollars. Will it be the hotties Marc and Rovilson from the Phillipines, or Adrian and Collin from Singapore, or will it be our very own Vanessa and Pamela Chong ?

I'm kinda rooting for our Malaysian girls though. Maybe they can pull out something like Zabrina and Joe Jer last year. HUHU..


I'm also catching up with the latest American Idol 7, seems like there are lots of talents this year, not to mention cute ones too!!! Haha. Eye candy seh :P


So I'll be flying off to K.K to visit my father's hometown in Lawas, Limbang (which is about 30minutes drive from Brunei, 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and maybe about and hour's flight from Miri). Hehe. But we are spending one night in K.K first. Which means lots of seafood to eat!! Huhu. :P

Maybe I can make a stop to Brunei as well. Didn't really remember how Brunei is like. My cousin who married a girl from Brunei once said, Brunei is so freaking small, we can finish touring the whole country in one hour by car. Heh. Enough said.


My coursemates who didn't make it the other day will be having their exams next week on Wednesday. All the best to them!! Kita naik 4th year same-same k :D

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