Saturday, February 2, 2008

One on the past, and hopefully the future :P

About 2007.

Well firstly, the year started with preparing for the professional exams I in my second year, and preparing for my bestfriend to fly to New Zealand to complete her studies. And I was still in a state of shock on the loss of my beloved handphone and the wreck of my laptop (the infamous incident which I blogged about in my old blog). I never thought I could ever feel better from being that hurt. I felt lost, without my bestfriend for the support, just being left by the ass boyfriend I had at that time and having just moved out of my old room to a new room in college in a desperate attempt to keep myself calm and not hurt other people, I just prayed that I would pass the exam, so I could be left alone to heal.

Amazingly during the tough times I realized there are others who cared about me, who where still there to keep me happy and catch my tears. :D Slowly I began to make friends again, to go out with new people, to explore new interests, and I am glad to say, I have actually forgiven and forgotten whatever mishaps that had happened. Although at times I would remember my misfortune and actually be a bit mad, but the feeling fades away moments later.

Then I went through the whole research project process, which was much more fun than agony actually, and I got to know a tad bit about how different lecturers from pre-clinical and clinical are. Preparing for the worst in 3rd year, I was segregated to be in the medical posting first, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I made strong bonds with coursemates who I never was close with before, truly showing that we have always been in specific circle of friends before this.

Towards the end of the year, I started to prepare for another Professional Exam in the January of the coming year, which puts me to a conclusion that 2007 was a year of exams, starting with preparing for one and ending with preparing for another. But it truly was a memorable year, with so many new people that I've met, and some I've become close with, where as others that I never kept in contact with, but regardless, I met people from all walks of life. Besides that, I also got a new handphone, and my laptop was fixed, and there are even broken relationships that were mended, so who am I to complain about what I lost when I have gained so much more?? I guess whatever happened was just a way of God to test my faith, to see what I turned out to be in the end (although I hope I still have a long journey to go through in life, and this incident is only one of the numerous tests I am to have). 2007 was great.

My hopes for 2008?

Well, as usual to lose weight. Haha. To grow up. To live life to the fullest. To meet more people from different networks. To be a better Farah than last year, in terms of studying, and to be a better Muslim. Definitely I don't want to take anything or anyone for granted, and I hope no one takes me for granted or treats me badly too.

Basicly, I just hope for the best, while trying to do the best that I can in no matter what. Happy 2008 :D

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