Monday, March 24, 2008

I've been tagged

Been tagged by Syaza Ilyani. :P Sorry for the late entry dearie, but kinda "malas" nak update blog unless I felt really strongly about the subject *wink wink*

Hehe. Here goes.

1- Apa superpower idaman anda? Choose only one.

I've always wanted to fly. Seriously. What can be better than that?

2- Siapa superhero/watak yang mempengaruhi pilihan itu?

Hurm. Probably Nathan Petrelli. Or Peter Petrelli. Or West (Claire's boyfriend on Heroes). I just want to fly babe. But Superman tak kire, cause I don't support you wearing your bright, red briefs on the outside.

3- Kenapa superpower yang itu?

Because when I'm stuck in a traffic jam, I could just fly out of my car and reach my destination. If I'm too tired to walk back to my hostel after a long day in the hospital, I could just fly back to my room. And I would never again be late for any of my meet ups (damn, gotta create a new excuse for coming late :P)

4- Apakah kelemahan kamu? We're never perfect right?

Weakness? So much. Hurm.. maybe the main one would be the rain. My vision would be blurry. Even though I use spectacles now, maybe I need some sort of Harry Potter spell to make sure it's clear.


Hot guys : Awal Ashaari. David Beckham.

Haha ! :P

5- Apakah nama superhero kamu?

I tak nak jadi superhero. I nak jadi orang biasa je. Macam dalam cerita Heroes. Buat pe nak susah-susah selamatkan orang lain macam Superman? I just want to enjoy my life flying :P

6- Motto superhero kamu pula?

"I don't give a f*ck about others?" haha......

Ok la, kasi chance .. "Fly with me to the stars" :P ngarut punye motto hahaha!!

Have to tag people pulak. Hurm. Sape2 nak jawab sile la. Especially those people yang blogsitenyer I put at my page. Paham-pahamla ye. :P

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