Saturday, March 22, 2008

The unofficial reunion

I heard the news that a friend of mine was diagnosed with a particularly fatal disease. And she was warded in the hospital to have surgical treatment. *trying my best not to reveal anything in respect of my friend*

So me and my hommies Seb and Bakyah went over to visit our friend. Ejar decided to join us as well. (At the same time, I brought one of my coursemates from UPM with me. The more the merrier right? --> more like not driving back to UPM alone when the day is over ;p) When we were at the hospital, we bumped into another two of our SAB friends Loshini and Faiza Izany. Wow. The unofficial reunion. It was great, but I would prefer the reunion to be held in a place other than the hospital, to commemorate the great times we had together.

After visiting our friend, we went over to Gardens (initially wanted to go to Mid Valley, but the restaurants were full) to have lunch together to catch up with each other. We talked about what used to be our fears, our ambitions and our hopes now for the future. It was great being able to meet up with my SAB friends to share our life stories.

As we were ordering, one of my friends (Losh) actually screamed out "OH MY GOD, u guys actually eat?" to which me, Seb and my coursemate actually became puzzled. Then Losh explained that she thought we didn't eat because we never have the time. (Too much watching Grey's Anatomy series I guess :P)

Of course la we medical students eat.. how can I grow sideways all these while then? *snicker*

Then the topic went on to who in school were married, who is dating who.. bla3X.. basicly about relationships. So, at the moment, me, Seb and the coursemate (all 3 medical students by the way) are single. The others were in a relationship.

Then Losh said "I'm wondering, since your life is so hectic, how do you actually find time to find guys, or to date?" (the statement was something like this la, I didn't remember word by word)

Ouch! That one really got to me. Definitely not a confidence-booster Losh!! *by the way, not really offended by that statement, Losh, in any way you might read this blog :P*

Well, I guess I haven't met my single, desperate, loving, nice guy who wants a (smart? hehe *wink wink*) girl YET. --> (statement given by a guy friend about upon the question whether there are any nice and single guys left in this world :P)

Suddenly I remembered my friend who is warded in the hospital. I am here complaining about not having a boyfriend, wanting a PSP and so on, while the friend is fighting for life. How ungrateful do I sound? Then I realized how lucky I was to be in the state that I am now. I'm still alive and well, I'm not bedridden or having to pee into a bag, I have my family and the best company that anyone could ask for, I don't have to think about where my next meal may come from, I have shelter and transport, anything more than that is definitely a blessing from God. Alhamdullilah.

From Left to Right : Seb, Ejar, Loshini, Me, Faiza Izany and Bakyah. (The coursemate took the picture :D)


losh said...

in case i'm reading the blog...??

well, here i am, ACTUALLY reading your blog and commenting as well...LOL.

well,as for the hectic lifestyle comment, i have my bases to give out that kind of a remark but yeah,no offense, girls :D

and yeah, it was a very unofficial reunion knowing a good friend is warded in the hospital. and last i heard, she had Milo :D
i don't know why but that made me happy.

well, let's hope for a better reunion in the future, shall we? :P

p/s: got your blog URL through Friendster and that's after seeing pictures of you guys been updated.

all the best, Farah. it was lovely to see you and the other girls again.

Gardagami said...

See here or here

PMboutique said... better count your blessings,girl..i'm out of the hospital btw..discharged,not escaped :P