Friday, March 7, 2008

Singapore visit

Lupe lak. Singapore pun ada pics jugak. But the good ones are in my friendster la. (More like pics2 yang budget comel ;p) huhu. Anyways, these are some of the pictures from our vacation in singapore.

Of course the first thing that happened to us was the telecommunication change from MY MAXIS to SingTel.

Us waiting in the hotel for our room. We arrived a tad bit early it seems. ;p

Our room was on the 25th floor. Very windy. :D

The pictures on the window panes of La Salle Academy of Arts in Singapore. Or something like that. :P

These are the students there. Artsy enough?

They have this special grassy place for them to lepak. Cool gile.

These pics below, konon artsy la. :P

Actually, most of the time, our faces look like these pictures. Smiling just for the camera yo.

Some snapshots in Sentosa

Konon artsy pics lagi

The beautiful view at night on our last day there

The very last of the artsy pics :D

Pendek kata, Singapore was fun. Am sure to go there again. Maybe during the great singapore sale?? huhu.. just to spend more of my money :P


::Fariz Kongz:: said...

canteknye singapore....

Farah Waheeda said...

haha. pegila visit singapore :D