Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunburst 08' Part II

I'm writing this post of the blog while listening to John Legend's "Ordinary People". I think I like this song most from John Legend, and I'm continuing the blog on Sunburst last week.

After watching One Buck Short, me and Ayu proceeded to watch John Legend, pushing our way to the ever growing crowd to get to the front of the stage (Ayu is a kipas-susah-mati fan of John Legend you see, so we were trying to get the most of the John Legend experience ;p)

The picture on the screen while we were waiting for John Legend. By this time, all the lady fans of John Legend were screaming out loud "We Want John Legend!"

Finally, after almost one hour of waiting for John Legend (agak diva la this guy ;p *sorry John Legend fans!*), he appeared on stage. Oklah. He is kinda buff (and I have this thing for buff guys ;p), and he looks sweet.

The first thing John Legend did after he appeared on stage.

He started singing, going on with kinda cute dancing moves to please the 99% ladies crowd.

The so-called cute dance moves he did.

As I stood there, not being a John Legend fan, not knowing any of his songs, I actually felt like he was singing for me. Especially for me. (I know people would think I am being perasan here, but..) That's how it felt like. It felt as though he was singing for you, and only you. Hehe. Besides, being in the middle of the entire stage, the 2nd row helps too. Especially when John Legend is just a few metres away from you.

This abang security must be wondering what is all the hype about John Legend. He had the puzzled look the whole time John Legend was on stage. Not to mention being in everyone's picture of John Legend!! :P

Then it was time for John Legend to go. By the time the one hour performance is done, his shirt was wet with sweat. I half expected him to take of his top and throw it into the crowd, which he didn't do. So I had to be satisfied with watching his built upper torso through the see-through wet t-shirt. Hehehe. That sounded so.. naughty? :P

Good bye Malaysia!!!

Then we moved on to watch Incubus. I'm not a fan of them seriously.

Incubus. The picture is very blur because we were wayyyyyyyyyy at the back of the crowd.

This was how we looked like in the end. After kena hujan, kena peluh macam-macam orang, after waiting for bands or performances we wanted, this is the end product. *note the devil horns I have on my head :RM5 only :P*

In the end, Sunburst best jugak. Would definitely go for it if they have it again next year. (Tapi tengok jugak sape perform la ;p)


ayu said...

do you have to post up that BUSUK picture of ours? :P
sunburst was damnnnnnnnn tiring! but we had fun, and i got to see JOHN LEGENDDDDDDDDDD OMG! hehe. thanks for the company farah!

Farah Waheeda said...

hoi.. kena la letak dat pic, sbb ada devil nyer horns babe :P

huhu. not a prob!!