Saturday, June 7, 2008

My P.O.V

*P.O.V : Point of View

I know Stacy and Riz (of AF6) won #1 and #2 in Akademi Fantasia 6 respectively, but hell, they were rejected from the first season of Gengstarz TV3 (they didn't even make it to the final). Riz was from Equal Star and Stacy from E-Voke. So basicly, even when they win, they're not that great anyway.

There was one episode of the concert where the previous AF students sang, such as Aizat and Velvet, and at that point tuning in to AF6, I was thinking about how the standard of AF has really gone down. Velvet's voice was so mendayu-dayu compared to Stacy, and Aizat? Let's not even start about how he can outdo Riz at anytime. But I like Stacy and Riz, just that I don't think they are the best. But watching the whole season of AF6, no one is good anyway. They were the better of the lot. If someone like Nubhan can enter the final, what more do you think about AF? *sigh*

Riz (I have to admit he is cute though :P)

Stacy : the winner of AF6

Nubhan : how could this "thing" enter AF??

I know this is pretty old news by now, but I was glad David Cook won American Idol. David Archuleta was great as well, but I'd prefer David Cook anytime. But one thing for sure, I'll be missing the cute Archuleta. T_T (can't see his face that often anymore)

L - R : David Cook, Paula and David Archuleta

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