Saturday, June 7, 2008

People say the darnest things

I was at Secret Recipe with two of my pals, a dude and dudette. As I was feeling quite pissed of with the world at that point (having one of my famous bitchfit modes going on), I decided to order a slice of cake. I settled for a slice of the cheezy choc - cheese cake topped with a layer of oh-so-wonderful chocolate.

Then I started eating the cake, feeling as though I was in heaven, when suddenly, I saw a piece of hair sticking out in the middle of the cake.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!! I already ate like half of the cake OK!!!!

Of course at that point I sent the cake back to the manager, who later on apologized for the hair being there. (At least he apologized)

So I decided to order a chocolate milkshake. I drank about half of it, and didn't finish it in the end.

Upon watching me not finish my milkshake, the dude looked at me puzzled.

Dude : Nape tak habis minum air ni?

Me : Tak sedap la. Dulu order lagi sedap. Tak nak habiskan la.

The dude looked at the drink. Then he looked at my face again.

Dude : Owh. Tak sedap sebab tak de rambut kat dalam eh?

Me : *looks at the dude's face puzzled*

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hani said...

*gelak guling guling*