Sunday, June 8, 2008

People say the darnest things II

I remembered back then during one Hari Raya, I was in Kuching watching television. Along came my dear cousin, who was 5 year old, called Zeti. (What sort of name is that? :P) She's very cute, and very girlish, and being the last sibling and only girl in her family doesn't help either (oopss.. just like me huh?). At times, I think she is pretty annoying. She speaks in a sing-song way which I think most little girls do. *sigh*

She came and sat beside me when I was lazing around watching the television in my baju kurung.

Zeti : Hyeeee~~~

Me : *looks at her*

Zeti : Can I sit here?

Me : Yah, whatever. *damn I sound like a mean bitch*

Zeti : *sits beside me*

While watching the television, suddenly I had this weird idea.

Me: Zeti, next time you see me, you cannot call me "Kak Farah". You have to say, "Hi perempuan cantik!"

*at that point, her elder 13 year old brother just snickered*

Zeti : *looks at me puzzled*

Me : Do you understand?

Zeti : *still looking puzzled*

I continued to watch the television then.

Finally she started to talk. At that point, my brother (24 years old this year) sat at the couch area as well.

Zeti : Kak Farah, I say "girl~~~~" not "perempuan~~~~~". *in a sing song voice*

Then she walked towards the kitchen. Zeti's elder 13 year old brother laughed when I said that.
My brother who heard her saying this became puzzled.

Obviously my face changed listening to what that little brat said to me.

So I turned to my brother.

Me : I don't say "girl~~~~~~~" I say "bitch~~~~~~~~~" *in the exact sing song voice that the little brat did*

At that point, the 13 year old boy (Zaid) laughed his head off.

My brother looked panicky and said "Hey, don't say that! She's just 5 years old. Too early to be a bitch. Let her grow up a bit then she can say that."

*hurmmmhhhh.. pissed off*


HaNi said...

awh that kid~
sure gonna be a bitch sumday...
or good at bitchfits atleast...

kecik2 lagi dah pandai tsk tsk tsk

hani said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!

if she gonna have a blog some day, the entry will even bitcy-er than yours,i think..

Farah Waheeda said...

anot : i know right!!!! hope she doesn't read this blog entry anytime soon.. budak 5 tahun, tahu ke gune google blog search?? :P