Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sepi & Wanted

* no spoilers don't worry

I don't really watch Malay movies. Because usually the plots are similar from one story to another. (of those of the same genre la). But I make exceptions for movies from Yasmin Ahmad, Khabir Bhatia or Afdlin Shauki.

So my friends and I head off to Alamanda to watch Sepi. And Wanted.

Sepi was basicly, sad and romantic. It was good. Not as great as CINTA but I think it's worth a watch. 3 love stories bla3x, I think anyone can read the synopsis. Google it.

I think I have fallen in love with Pierre Andre. There's this one scene he had some "bunting" behind him, and he looks so handsome, eyes so big... weh.. apasal tetiba jadi handsome ni?? ;p

Pierre Andre and the girl who acted in Cinta Medik (I don't know her name - she's beautiful)

Tony Eusoff and Afdlin Shauki (I like Afdlin's story the most in the movie, but I think Pierre's story was really sad)

Tony Eusoff's story was pretty sad too

Then about Wanted. There's always Angelina Jolie as the reason to watch it, but it was damn good. Worth paying the movie ticket kind of good. It was action packed all the way, and I loved the way the movie was really sarcastic.

Both movies are highly recommended.


HaNi said...

aahh mata piere sgt romantic ok..
nama minah tu baizura kahar kalau tak silap aku..

ayumin said...

wanted was AWESOME.
sepi was...not sepi enough.

my blog is up and running again..haha