Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nurul 'Izzati

In case anyone is wondering, the title is actually the name of a friend of mine. (Not lesbo partner okay, I am SO FREAKINGLY STRAIGHT! ;P)

It all started when we were in Form 1 (way back in 1999), in SAB, we met during the Table Tennis Club practice. It was held every Monday if I'm not wrong. The first time I met her, we played table tennis. Boy does she suck in playing it. Seriously. But one thing I couldn't deny is the fact that this girl looks beautiful. Stunning in fact. We never talked. I just remembered her as the girl who sucked at playing table tennis.

Later on in that year, I applied to be a prefect. Apparently this girl applied as well. Eventually both of us got the post, and there were 8 girls elected for the whole Form 1 batch. That's when we started to hang out more. (Due to many extra-curricular activities we had back then and prefect duties)

I realized how totally opposites we were. I was the very strict, no nonsense, pushy type of girl (back then la.. now dah jadi apa tak tau :P), and she on the other hand was always smiling, listening to everyone, and doing what she was told. At first, she annoyed me. Pretty much. (I was so full of spite in high school, I hated almost everything and she was the typical subject of what I would love to hate ;p) But then both of us always stayed back at school, we started to share something more than that, we started to understand each other better, and we pretty much became close friends.

Fast forward, almost 9 years later, she became my best friend. We went to ups and downs, times of the silent treatment, fighting over the same guy (one point we both wanted attention from the same guy *wink wink*), moments of tears and laughter.

I was the one always talking, she - listening. I'd be the one sulking, she - smiling. I'd be the one complaining about everything under the sky, she - just nodding in agreement, though her facial expression shows otherwise.

She taught me to accept other people's opinions and to keep an open mind. She helped me out in anyway she can, whenever she can. Sometimes people may judge her too much on her physical aspects, but she has a heart bigger than that. (But she still gets on my nerve sometimes :P)

I could not ask for someone better to be the best friend. Although total opposites, we are similar in a few ways as well. I guess we complement each other.

So on this special day, 4th of July, which is her birthday, I'd like to wish her Happy 22nd birthday. May she have the best in life, and may this year be better than the rest. XOXO

Izzati and me

p/s : It was hard for me to write this entry, I don't really know how to start or how to put my thoughts into words. hehe :D

p/s2 : The picture was taken in February 2007, I permed my hair back then. :P


nurul said...

aww..thanks hun.we've had our share of ups and downs didn't we? d thing is i cherish every single moment that we've spent together. and thank god i found you or you found me haha. n for stickin in sabkl through thick or thin n not going to dat one fav boarding school of urs

i love you
ps: we are NOT les!

nurul said...

and i miss ur smiles

Farah Waheeda said...

nurul : yeah. can't wait for u to be back in malaysia