Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my 100th post

Yup. Finally I reached the 100th entry for this blog. Phew!! I know it is easier for some other people to write almost 3-4 blog entries per day, thus they can reach their 100th entry within the first month of starting their blog itself.

Unfortunately I don't update my blog as often. It took me almost one year plus to reach this 100th entry (as sometimes I only have one entry for the whole month *chuckles*), but now I've been blogging regularly (every week), I'll try to blog every 2-3 days starting from now on. :D

Therefore, to celebrate the 100th post, I went to Paddington House of Pancakes. (more like just finding the reason to try out this place :P I'm a dessertarian by the way..huhu)

Me looking like I'm promoting the dish. And the Hush Puppies t-shirt as well. :D

The three of us tried pancakes, me, Munie and Prasath. :D

Of course la sedap :D

Cik Munie and Prasath finished their dish. Doesn't that tell you something?

So, (raises invisible glass for toast), may there be more interesting stories for me to blog about and share in this space. Cheers! :D


ayumin said...


*stomps her feet away*

HaNi said...

ahh aiyak terasa gue 4posts a day.. saya selalu buat begitu bila kebosanan...

congrats's ur 100th birthday eh erk silap. 100th posts..:)) hakhak

Farah Waheeda said...

ayu : alalala.. nanti pegi lagi la.. :p

anot : jgn terasa anot, ramai je orang wat mcm tu.. thanks! :D

Niss said...

damn. the pancakes.