Saturday, June 27, 2009

Urbanscapes 09'

Describe urbanscapes in one word?


My main reason why I went is basically because, I am in KL. And just causeeeee I can go. :P

But what I saw at KLPac definitely exceeded my expectations. The only thing I felt was not enough was the time, there were to many events happening at the same time where I cannot divide myself to attend all of them. *sigh*

Our first stop was at Cinescapes (movies and live music picked by KLue readers), where I accompanied my friend, Ayu, to watch Gadoh *yet again*, but I enjoyed it *yet again :P*.

At the same time, there were exhibitions of photographs outside the Cinescapes, which includes Urbanscraps, 24hour KL Photography Project and so on. Watching the pictures through the multimedia presentation makes me want to have my own DSLR to snap pictures ya know. Damn, where did all my money go? :'(

Then we proceeded to watch some gigs in The Box where basically we are entertained by a 'rojak' of musical offerings. There were no seats in The Box, everyone sat down on the floor with a mighty lot of poses, as long as they are comfortable. The lights on stage did complement the ambience in the room, making the songs sung by the artists much more easier on the ears, not that the songs were not pleasant either. :)

Zalila Lee on stage

Got to see Zalila Lee, I was in awe by her song "Nothing but a lie", I could actually feel myself drown in her music. Like butt seriously. Too bad, I could only get to hear 2 of her songs, her showcase was coming to an end when I entered The Box.

The Sofa Sessions

The next act I got to see was "The Sofa Sessions", and they were so comical, I think they should be stand up comedy if singing doesn't work out for them. Haha! I think the chances of that happening is very, very minute though. Because their songs were that good :)

They started of by saying "Banyak nye orang keluar? Tak de nak dengar kite ke?" Damn. :P They proceeded by singing songs about circumcision (like seriously) and also ghosts at home. Say what? But their more serious numbers were really enjoyable too, listening to the deep set vocals makes my mind wander off while my body was there listening to the strummings of the guitar and the beat of the drums. (Or what they call the other guy was playing)

Went out and was entertained by "Rather Peculiar Theatre" (RPT), which was part of the Street Performances section of Urbanscapes. Too bad that too, was almost to an end. The one skit we get to watch had a lot of the phrase "Oh My God" in it, where the two ladies were saying it in the gedik-est way possible. At which, Ayu said to me "Damn she sounds like you" Say what?? *raises eyebrow*

RPT in action : in LRT

RPT in action 2

The last act we went to was The Lawn Stage - where the bands were performing. Was in time to watch Pop Shuvit performing "Marabahaya". No picture though, because the picture I took of Pop Shuvit didn't turn out right :P

So we cam-whored to show all the fun in our faces instead. :P
(Ayu seems blah here, tired kowt :P And I'm not that dark anymore.. heehee..but still need some time to go to original skin colour though)

Then it was time for Yuna to perform. The crowd got bigger then. Hee, I guess she is that damn mainstream now. :)

The best picture I could get of Yuna. She sounded great by the way. The new songs she performed were also great.

On the way back, got to watch this.

Live band consisting of the people who came that day. Amazing weh! Rhythm of the beatings of the drums and everything drowns everything else surrounding it.

The bigger picture - just a small representation of how many actually did came to Urbanscapes yo.

So, till next year Urbanscapes! Can't hardly wait yo :P


HaNi said...

huhuhuhu i wanna go!!!1

liyana 'querida said...

boleh tak lupe urbanscapes this week.
haha :P
next year remind me eh ble this event arrives :)

Farah W said...

anot & nana : no prob. next year reramai kite pegi!!! huhuhuhu :D