Friday, June 26, 2009

Fake facts

I heard the most ridiculous thing ever yesterday. The influenza A virus of strain H1N1 (for swine flu) could spread through sms.

Like hello?

If it did spread to sms, wouldn't everyone be dead by now?

I wonder what is the mechanism of the spread by sms. *chuckles*

This virus spread by air droplets k.

p/s : btw, if it really did spread through sms, we could all just chuck our phones through the toilet bowl to save our lives. :P


HaNi said...


nape tak cakap it spread trough ym je..lagi widespread and frightening...

gile gapo

Farah W said...

anot : haha. tau tak pe. tak pun spread through facebook. lagi scary mary. :P

HaNi said...

hahaha betul tu..people mengadap facebook tu all the time kan