Saturday, December 19, 2009

Orthopaedics week 2, day 2 of clinical work.

My jaw dropped when I saw my lecturer who was supposed to take the bedsite teaching for my group that day.

He looked like this.

Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break.

Like dead serious. He looked like Lincoln Burrows.


I always had a thing for buff, big men who are bald. :P LOL

Orthopaedics is getting way more interesting now~

tee hee heee hee...

p/s : Rasa macam dah jatuh cinta dowh :P


ayumin said...

Lincoln Burrows lagi hensem laaa wey.
Angau la tuu.

Nadira said...

hahahaha..i can't wait for 5th year! =P =P =P

Farah W said...

@ayu : biar ah angau.. haha~

@nadira : huhu.. smgt eh you.. bagus2.. make sure u still have the passion in 2 years time :)

Nadira said...

hahaha..semangat to see the handsome doc :P