Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gua sudah gemokkkkk

Today, as a start to a better life, I bought myself a weighing scale. Yup, you read it right, I bought myself a weighing scale.

I've been overweight *hurm actually dah nak obese dah pon since these few years* eversince I left high school. (Damn I miss those days where I can eat anything and still fit into clothes!)

I don't know what magic mushroom they put in when cooking in Matrix Pahang cafe, and the weight put on, never went away! Like, holy shit dowh!

And when I bought the new weighing scale, I was like.. double holy shit! Am I that heavy?? *in denial* The old weighing scale used before this showed that I was 12kg less heavy compared to the new weighing scale. huu. T_T Bengong punya old weighing scale.

So this is the start of the journey to lose weight. (Yeah right, start time-time exam dah dekat, makan tak jaga.. wondering if it could actually happen??)

But when watching the biggest loser asia marathon, they didn't wait until tomorrow to lose weight, they just did what they had to do - exercise. Maybe I should try it.

So, we'll see if the mission to lose weight actually works out this time around. :) *keeping my spirit up, but doubtful*

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ayumin said...

Jom swimminggggggg!