Monday, May 31, 2010

Gua bizeh

I told myself before this that after my PRO 3 exams that I will blog an entry every single day. Which I didn't do obviously. :p

I've been busy. Or buat-buat busy. Whichever you would like to believe. :P

Had a hectic week, went for the SPA interview (and was the last person on the interview list because I came late T_T), and settled the MMC form.

Then went for the Graduation Hi Tea, took lots of pictures, but didn't have the time to upload it because I was that damn busy. Or like I said, buat-buat busy. Haha.

Can't really think about anything to blog, having some issues that I have to straighten out first, issues regarding my emotions and stuff. All those shizz that you could read about in an emo blog, so.. just let me be :)

Oh btw, I'm glad Lee Dewyze won. So good looking! And I always have a thing for good looking men. :D

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ayumin said...

Busy buat ape dei?
Going out?