Sunday, December 23, 2007

The clock is ticking

Time is moving reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyy fast.

Suddenly you're at the end of your posting, and you have to face the mock exams.

Suddenly you're at the end of the year, waiting for the new year countdown.

Suddenly you realize you've been hanging out for almost 7 years with your high school besties.

Suddenly you've been close to your matrix guy pal for almost 4 years.

Gasp! Scary!!!!!! I'm getting old!! Well I hope I don't look that old though. :P

But that is what we mere humans usually least appreciate, time. We take it for granted. We wait for it to pass by, doing nothing basicly, watching movies, or just plain sleeping.

Then before we know it, our hair is turning white, we have wrinkles in our faces, and we are so close to death.

At that point, when the younger generation asks you "What have you done with your life?"

What shall you answer?

a) I've lived my life, worked as hard as possible, get lots of money that 3 generations ahead of me can live without working

b) I helped found a cure for cancer or a type of virus

c) I helped groom my children into imam's and leaders of religion

d) I became a great wife/husband to my significant other

e) I became a helped my parents and siblings

f) none of the above??

Haha. I'm still figuring out my answer as well. Haven't lived my life to the fullest yet. Still have a long way to go. God willing :D


nurul said...
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nurul said...

go n study
finish ur exams
then start thinking n living again