Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear diary

It's true. I'm an ungrateful bitch. Seriously. I never realized that until one of my besties pointed it out straight to my face. I'm always in some kind of bitchfit mode if things don't go my way, but even if it did, I wouldn't appreciate it as it is.

Ok, bakyah, i'll learn to look at other people's hardships before complaining about my mere problems which are like a storm in a teacup compared to other people's problems which are like hurricanes hitting the roofs of their houses. :D

By the way, it was a great surprise my bestfriend and her boyfriend did for me. Treated me to TGIF's in OU, and gave me chocolates and a handbag. Hehehehe. Best, best!! I've always wanted to buy a new handbag, but haven't found one that is to my liking yet, but the handbag they gave to me (with the help of the other two besties choosing) wasn't that bad. Seriously. I would actually use it. But the fact that I was blindfolded before going to TGIF.. Man.. I felt lost without my CN II and III!!

Me being blindfolded by bakyah and seb (seb can't be seen because she's the one taking the pic)

This is the bff's bf's crew and me, and seb (in greed tudung) and bakyah at the furthermost end

In the end, I got to eat a great meal, albeit being surprised yet again by the TGIF's folks who sang the birthday song for me (although my birthday was like 3 weeks ago) Haha!! But it was a great birthday this year. I started off with a great meal in Chilli's (on the birthday itself) and ended with a great meal in TGIF's (3 weeks later). So this really makes up for all the past crappy birthday's I had. Hopefully I will have better birthdays in years to come :D


The mock exam for end posting is next week. And I really don't know how much I know and don't know. :P Hopefully everything goes on well though. THE professional exam II is on 21st January 2008. Approximately one month from today. And I know I should spend my time reading, and trying to answer past year questions, and doing lots of short cases in the hospital, but sometimes, I just feel like I want to go out, catch a movie, and do some retail therapy. *sigh*
I feel like going out, but when I watch most of my peers reading their heads off until their eyes turn like pandas the next day, I somehow feel guilty of even thinking bout going out. But then, I can't concentrate reading anymore. But then.. (see how the whole cycle goes again)

And I can't seem to finish my last case writeup on pancreatic pseudocyst, the discussion part is still not done yet. I feel like giving up on this damn case writeup, I've been on it for almost 2 days not, but I'm still not yet finished. Damn.


Recently, I keep on feeling hungry. Been eating a lot. And not working out. Damn. I guess I would balloon up after the exams in the state I am now. This requires desperate measures on controlling the food intake. *sigh*


My cousin is coming to KL on 24th December, she's registering into UiTM Shah Alam for a course in actuarial science. But I'm having my mock after Christmas, so I can't count on going shopping with her. But, I guess getting good results and passing will provide me with the ultimate happiness compared to periodic happiness during retail therapy.

Can't wait to get the exams over with. :D


niss si gadis salsa. said...

ouh i missssssssss u guysssssss. bakyah and sab too. huu

nurul said...

thanks hun :)
glad u like it

goooooddd luuuccckkkk!!!